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Career as a Digital Print Designer

Selecting creativity as a career path has always been a great opportunity. The young generation is now exploring career options related to design, media, digital media, fashion, and much more. One of the prominent career options is digital print designer or textile design. In the past decade, textile designing has reached great heights, with huge growth opportunities.

Textile Designer- A brief intro

Digital print designing has now become a part of our everyday lives. Gone are the days when you had to look at the dull and monotonous curtains, bedcovers, linens, towels, carpets, and even apparel. We must be grateful to the textile designers who have added an artistic soul to all the fabric items, making them a treat to the eyes.

Textile designing is a creative field wherein the designer works with colors, patterns, textures, and prints; adding attention to every detail. They must keep in line with the current and upcoming fashion trends and print designs. It is a very vast field that requires a wide area of education and experience.

Apart from the desk job, it offers overseeing the production work, working at a large apparel studio or home furnishing companies, and traveling with designers to various places for inspiration and updated market knowledge. This job also demands a lot of pressurized work as you must keep pace with the deadlines, client requirements, and custom printing.

Nevertheless, the creative side of this field makes it an enjoyable job profile where you will create an artistic product by adding an inch of beautiful prints.

A career as a textile designer does not call for a full-time degree as you can also go for a diploma course, vocational training, or an undergraduate course. The digital world is always evolving and so is the growth opportunity for textile designers. This industry has a never-ending scope with multiple growth opportunities. All you need is

  • Creative mind

  • Knowledge of the latest design trends

  • Learning Intellect

  • Fabric and print understanding

  • Research abilities

  • Data handling

  • Analytical Skills

Textile Designer Fields

Textile design is a vast course and once you have completed your education, you can go to various other professional carriers

  • Production Manager

Once you are expelled from this creative field, you can also apply for a production manager profile. It requires quality checks for the products and regular analysis. You need to cater to the timely production and delivery of the products along with their quality assurance.

  • Designer

You can either go for a professional course in apparel design or interior design. Either of the fields requires creativity and a deep understanding of customer/market requirements.

  • Fabric Resource Manager

You can kickstart your career as a fabric stylist, fabric designer, or design assistant. It requires in-depth knowledge of fabric quality and pricing. You must also be aware of the markets that source fabrics at cheap rates and good quality or as per your specific requirement(s).

  • Design Assistant

Design Assistant is a super skilled job that calls for adding the final touch to the product. You must have expertise in minute design details to alter or modify any product.

Final Words

You can have a spectacular career in digital print designing if you love to play with colors, patterns, prints, and fabrics. Nowadays, this field has a huge scope in growth and has been one of the most desired vocations globally. This field has no dead end when it comes to learning new skills as the fashion world is changing rapidly and so are the demands and requirements of the consumer. This exciting profession can help you ace your ingenious skills. It is a perfect career option if you want to drape the world in colors and prints

Challenge Yourself !! Explore Yourself!!

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