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05 Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printing is in a true sense the icon of the growing fashion industry. It started with single prints and customization but with growing demands and technology it has now emerged as a mass-producing platform. It has given a startup boost to most of the brands with their finished piece in a small span of time. Unlike the traditional printing methods by artisans and handmade workers which were both fascinating but complex, digital printing gives a wide variety of designs that master both quality and quantity.

With so much computerized printing in the market, you might come across a basic question, what is digital printing? Well, to be precise digital printing is a new and innovative process that demands printing a particular pattern directly from the computer to the desired fabric. If we compare traditional and digital textile printing, both of them are similar in terms of selection and pre-treatment of the fabric. In traditional printing, the patterns are printed using rotatory screens whereas, in digital printing, wide-scale printers are steps up that use printable images or designs.


  • Environment-friendly alternative

One of the best features of digital printing is its sustainability towards the environment. It requires low power and less water consumption as compared to traditional printing. It emits an almost negligible amount of chemical waste, unlike screen printing. It is one of the most sustainable production options with no pollution and a very less carbon footprint. Also, the quantity produced is the same as the quantity demanded, hence there is no wastage of fabric.

  • Minimal production cost

With digital printing, there is no special requirement for rotatory screens, screen engraving, and color separation. You just need a computer system and a printer. It uses very less power and no water is required for sublimation digital printing. Hence the entire production cost is very low.

  • Systematic patterns with flexibility

With Digital printing you can be flexible with your choices and can assure you of getting the exact same desired result. The accuracy of the color and print is very neat and tidy. The patterns are uniformly designed with no slightest variations and there is no sacrifice and design resolution.

  • Cost-effective

The sample-making cost or the entire production cost of Digital Printing is much less than conventional printing. You only get printed the amount of fabric you wish and there is no bulk buying. You can get a digital print on a cloth piece that is as small as one meter.

During the wedding season, bridesmaids prefer digitally printed lehenga cholis as they not only look beautiful but the fabric is very light in weight. The same is the case with Bollywood celebrities who prefer digitally printed lehengas to get a unique look altogether. Examples are: Alia Bhatt’s romantic pink

Anushree Reddy's lehenga choli that she picked for her best friend’s wedding, and Katrina Kaif’s ocean blue printed lehenga choli set by Anita Dongre that she wore for Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani’s recent wedding.

  • Limitless Designing

There are no limits on the designs you wish to create. You can find a picture online from any website and get it printed on the fabric digitally right there. The choice of design and fabric quality can be customized as per your requirement. Even aerial photographs captured from my camera can be printed on any type of



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