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In the event of any mistake by Print Zombies®, such as the shipment of a misprinted order of any kind, Print Zombies® will be liable only to the extent of its refund policy. As each product is custom manufactured, Print Zombies® shall accept returns and issue refunds only up to the limit of the printing charges of the orders containing a printing defect within a 30-day period from the date of the order payment. Print Zombies® does not manufacture any fabric and hence our liability for refund is limited to the printing charges, irrespective of the fabric price.

We understand sometimes you might want to return the product for a valid reason, as it may have not met your expectations. As we manufacture on-demand as per the customer’s selection, we can not stock it back in our inventory as it is not going to be used by any other customers. So we have some conditions that need to be fulfilled by customers to place return requests

Digitally printing small quantities in natural fibers, especially Silk is an extremely tricky process with tons of overheads. We take every possible caution while printing but there can still be some minor errors in the fabrics which add to the natural beauty of the fabric and are generally non-noticeable without proper inspection. We aim to keep serving you in small quantities at reasonable prices, please be cooperative while QCing the fabrics.

  1. At Print Zombies, we take full responsibility for our errors. Although we have very few, Please report any QC error within 05 days from the date of delivery on

  2. Please mention your order number, for us to track the details.

  3. In case you want us to reprint the order, please include all relevant information along with a photo of the issues (that you received) and the order number to raise the RE-PRINT REQUEST over email ( for quicker and smoother processing. Once we confirm, please courier the order for us to check and update you for the same.

  4. The product should be in the same condition as delivered.

  5. Damaged, stained, torn products will not be acceptable.



  • Silk is a delicate natural fiber; minor spotting, color variation, minor thread/slub pull & other such reaction-based dissimilarities are common and can not be considered as QC errors.

  • Viscose is a natural fiber; spotting of up to 1MM can not be controlled in small quantities. Please be cooperative with us while QCing the fabrics.

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