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If you are a fashion fiesta then you must be well aware upcoming textile digital printing trend. Nowadays digital printing has gained popularity because it is an easier and a faster way to get your fabric printed in your colors and prints. It has broken boundaries of many fashion companies as they can now experiment with various prints and designs.

Textile digital printing is the new future which has set bars for sustainable fashion. Designers can now create smaller designer fabric trials reducing excess waste. Designers can now create or modify deigns of their own without having to worry about by products. It also prevents shipping costs and cost of raw materials, thus reducing the total turnaround time.


Gone are the days when people were hesitant to show their fashion sense. Now people are outrageous and expressive in emotions which can be reflected in upcoming fashion trends. Bold prints and graphics, attractive and beautiful typography is the taste of the new generation.

Let’s dig into some popular printed fabric trends in the forthcoming season.

· Floral Prints

Floral prints will never go out of fashion. It is an easily adoptable style and will rule the upcoming fashion season. It is a unique way to express love for nature with huge variety of minute ornaments which can be either small or bold.

Lush green patterns, bold flowers with intricate colors will be one of the major trends for the upcoming years.

· Vintage Prints

Vintage designs have always been a premium choice of fashion influencers. This is because it clearly reflects our background and culture. You can add a lot of wacky prints, digital maps and landmarks in unique colors and prints.

Locally inspired prints are one such category of vintage designs that reflects daily lives and activities of the people.

· Tie and dye patterns

Tie and Dye has been in great demand last year and is all set to rule the upcoming year. It is a unisex print that has always been appealing to the eyes. With digital textile printing, various tie and dye prints such as fold, spiral, crumple, sunburst; will be an easy task.

· Animal prints

Animal Prints are one of the most attractive, dramatic and sensual patterns. They have had been the topmost choice of all the fashion industry. Tiger stripes and snake scales are set to rule the upcoming fashion season.

· Stripes

Stripes can never go out of fashion and always makes you stand above the crowd. This is one of the most prominent digital textile patterns. You can create and make any pattern of stripes with digital printing machines. Be it candy stripes, barcode stripes, chalk, chevron or awning stripes.


Digital printing offers sustainable printing with customized prints and designs. The fashion industry is adopting more of digital prints and designs because of the freedom of experimenting with colors and patterns.

You cannot miss out how celebrities are adoring beautiful prints and patterns in their unique style. Famous celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone have always slayed prints.

Prints can embark a long-lasting impact on every garment be it for beach, wedding, office party, or any family occasion. In the coming years, garments manufacturing will be more inclined towards digital printing.


Digital textile printing is the next GenZ fashion. It has been a leader in the fashion industry and will continue to dominate the market for approximately the next 10 years. This is not only because of the flexibility in experimenting with colors and patterns but also it is a more sustainable option.

Digital textile printing is a more cost-effective variant without impacting the environment yet giving you a luxurious feel. Offering an expansive option of garment customization is what makes it a premium choice for all the fashion industry.

Digital printing comes with its own list of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

· Unlimited designing

Digital printing does not restrain you from any design you wish to create. You can design anything on your computer and get it printed on your favorite fabric. Imagine that proud moment of wearing your own print on your favorite fabric!

· Sustainable environment

Digital textile printing cause major reductions in water and electricity consumption. Apart from this, you can take a fabric test run even on small fabric, thus wasting less product. This also makes it a cost-effective option.


Digital textile printing offers an amazing experience of customization and printing. It is not confined to only apparels but also small items such as buttons, belt buckles, or large items such as cushion covers, bedsheets, curtains etc. This new era of fashion will create a never-ending impact on the fashion industry.

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