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Our Journey

Being in the textile & fashion industry for almost a decade now, we have been through multiple Jobs and Businesses, which has been a roller coaster ride. There were certain obstacles and exploration that had taken place along the way. Some eye-opening facts were the barrier for newcomers that demands immediate changes in the industry, and we decided to decode solutions for the aspirants.

Our primary focus was on Fabric as it is the most essential raw material for most of the design groups (Apparel, textile, interiors, etc),  Almost a year of market research, brainstorming, and guidance from design professors & industry experts, we understood that sorting the Raw material procurement is a challenge and that’s where the installation of solution is majorly required.  The journey further took a turn when the need to add custom printing was in demand. Procuring the same was nowhere near practical for the majority of the creative heads and that is how Print Zombies® developed.


Our Vision –

To enable opportunities in textile digital printing with the horizon of awakening the importance of Digital printing and its worth in the industry from the grass root level.

Our Mission –

To be able to provide 150+ fabric bases ranging from Vegan leather to organic cotton to ahinsa silk and many more by 2024.

Positive Impact of Print Zombies® on new-age brands and businesses -

- We understand that not being able to include custom-printed designs in your collection due to high MOQs demanded by the suppliers, and compromising base quality over quantity is what breaks your heart. Frankly, we feel that creativity is best done when not under pressure.

-The need to have trust in base quality, printing quality, and a service that can be logically trusted for any kind of textile requirement is a significant need of the hour.

- Offering custom printing on 80+ (and growing) base qualities in Genuine Silk, Cotton, Khadi, Linen, Viscose, Faux Leather, & Polyester, we are one-of-a-kind professional services dedicated to your needs for creativity.

- Unavailability of certain products in low MOQs forces new businesses to invest a majority of their funds in product procurement which may or may not sell and end up as dead stock ultimately choking their business, hence when we talk about custom printing, it is always thought through before investing.

- Prints are the newest long-term fashion trend all over the globe for both pret-a-porter and couture designers. Digital textile printing reduces excess waste in the design process by allowing designers to create smaller fabric test runs and waste less while planning stock inventory.

- It also brings the textile design process onshore, reducing turnaround time and stock holding costs.



About the Parent Company -

Pradisha YarnTech® Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

MiMi of Mini Businesses

Pradisha YarnTech® is dedicated to decoding the perfect solution at the intersection of Yarn and Technology to offer solutions in the field of product development and manufacturing low MOQs for new-age apparel businesses.



Founding Team

Print Zombies

© 2023 by Print Zombies®

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